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Click Here to watch videos and farmer testimonies (Man vs. Weeds)    








Use our unique sponges to wipe out taller growing weeds in your pastures and field crops.  Since 1984 we have been building quality weed wipers that utilize a cellulose sponge to apply Round-up and other chemicals to the target weeds.  Our sponge put more product on the weeds than most wipers on the market, and it is easy to keep the sponges from dripping.

Bottom Line...Sponge Wipers Get Results

Ask about the new mounting brackets for UTVS with brushguards

 Easily add our sponge kits to any size spray boom

Click here to see how growers have attached the sponge kits to there sprayer booms and built specialty wipers 


Round-up resistant weeds have become a very large problem for growers and hoeing is very expensive.  Fortunately, by using gramoxone through a sponge weed wiper you can effectively and economically get control over your pigweed.  The video below is presented at the U of Arkansas by a Prof. Eric Prostco of the U 0f Georgia.  This is a very good video that evaluates the history and effectivness of NSAs (Non selective applicators).  You will notice that they evaluated rope, carpet and sponge applicators.  In Pigweed...the rope wipers did not get the 99% kill rate like the carpet and sponge applicators.  Although carpet wipers can be effective here are the three most important benefits of sponge applicators over carpet applictors. 1. COST  to get the same results you can equip a 20 ft spray boom for $929 compare that to almost $7,000 for a 20 carpet roller.  2. NO ONE CAN GO WIDER THAN US  Our pump fed sponge kits are the only systems in the world that have easily been adapted to spray booms from 5 ft to 120 ft.    3. GET THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF PRODUCT ON THE WEEDS  The key to effective wiping is controlling the amount of product and getting the most on the target weeds.  Our unique system can be mounted on the front of a tractor or sprayer so you can more effectively see how much is getting on the weeds and researchers and growers that have used both systems will tell you that sponges are your most effective tool to wipe out weeds. The first two videos shows a grower in Georgia (Mr. Bobby Flemming) that uses a self propelled wiper with our sponges and is convinced that it is the best way to control his Pigweed. 


Wipe Rye out of your Wheat!!!

You can see the results.  Paul Hansen, a wheat grower in Idaho was amazed with the results he saw with his 40 foot pulltype sponge wiper.  You can see in the photos below how heavy the rye was...he turned the heads of his neighbors when they saw these two passes he made through his field.  In fact there was a heavy rain storm just 1 hour after he made these two passes.  "This is a great system, and I used very little chemical and by getting rid of the rye I will not only increase my yeilds but I won't be docked for rye when I sell my wheat" " I was sceptical before using the wiper, but now I see how it will pay for itself in a very short time"

Scroll down to see a video of wiping out rye in Wheat

Round-up Resistant PIGWEED PROBLEMS?

Eliminate Pigweed in Cotton, Soybeans, and Peanuts


The above photos show a soybean field with a heavy amount of pigweed...the photo on the right shows the results after wiping with 50% Gramoxone through our sponge weed wiper.  You can see the strip of growing pigweeds just to the left of the dead ones that were wiped 48 hours earlier.  (skips and overlaps can be prevented with a LandMark foam marker on your weed wiper) Below you will see photos taken in Georgia that were wiped with a self propelled sponge weed wiper.  And the photo below, on the left, is a 10 ft. model on a front loader.


Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a video of this new self propelled weed wiper.  Call us for pricing

 Hear what growers are saying about sponge results

Independent case study on sponge wipers

Click here to download a recent University of Georgia study on controlling pigweed with wipers and comparing carpet rollers with sponge applicators.  You can also read testimonies and other third party farmers and applicators.


The custom applicator, in the video below, wipes out rye in wheat with his 80 foot front boom self propelled equipped with a sponge wiper kit (this 20 minute video/interview may answer some of the questions you may have about weed wiping) Robert Rhooms custom wipes around 20,000 acres a year throughout Oklahoma and Kansas




ATV MODELS           

5 ft., 10 ft., and our 15 ft model with wings will fit on most all makes of ATVs with a front rack and can also be put on the back of a UTV like shown above.


These models are great for pastures and can easily be used to control thistles and johnsongrass in pastures.








These models come in 10 ft., 15 ft. and 20 ft. widths.  These models do not include the 12v sprayers shown (these are available upon request) The 15 and 20 ft. modles have wings that fold up









Reddick Equipment in North Carolina manufactures four models that mount to your tractor.  These models are very well built and we highly recommend these models if you farm anywhere in the Southeast. For prices please call Larry at 800-334-3388






KITS that mount to your spray boom         





 Our Sponge kits are the only weed wipers available to mount on a 60 ft or larger, self propelled spray boom. And the price for a

60 ft. kit is less than a 6 ft. pull-type carpet wiper.  The kits include the sponges and PVC risors to connect to you boom every 30 inches.  The kit also includes all of the plumbing needed and our manifold.  You just provide the toolbar/boom and the spray pump/tank. We have kits starting at just 5 feet all the way up to 120 feet (in 2.5 ft. increments)  CLICK HERE FOR PRICES  





The 3 point hitch models are designed for Row Crop applications and are gravity fed.  They come with a 12 gallon tank.  There are four versions 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 25 ft. Each of these frames have a 10 foot center section and the largest three models have fold back wings.









The pull-type 30 ft model was our original design.  Our four wheels and U joint wing design allow the boom to maintain the same height when going through uneven terrain, as shown in the middle picture.  These models come in 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 foot sizes.  This design typically comes with the gravity feed system but can now be special ordered in the pump fed version.  We also have a specialty crop wiper that can be hand pushed or pulled for applications like cranberries or wild blueberries.  




Here are just a few of the weed you can get control of with a

Smucker Sponge Weed Wiper...


Volunteer Corn
Canadian Thistle
Giant Ragweed
Wild Rice
Pasture Weeds
CRP Weeds
 and many more


There are now over 20 varieties of Round-up Resistant Weeds if you have resistant weeds like Marestail and Pigweed...using other chemicals like Gramoxone and 2-4-D, through our sponges... will be a much more economical way, and maybe the only way for you to control these weeds.  There are several videos below on this subject


Here's a video on a story done by ABC news on the pigweed problems facing farmers in the South







  Don't just believe to read these third party evaluations


Do you want to eliminate weeds... but don't want to use Round-up???


If you are an organic grower and/or need an "non-chemical" weed control product please call us at 800-333-4503.  There is Natural Vinegar (20%) acidity available to use in our sponge wipers and our handheld applicators. (


Here's a link to a USDA report on using Vinegar for weed control (by the way...wiping vinegar is as effective and less costly than spraying it) 



NEED PARTS for your Weed Wiper?



If you currently own a Smucker Weed Wiper please click here for diagrams and a parts finder from the weed wiper section of our catalog



What should I use in my sponge weed wiper?


It is aways best to follow the label for wiping applications.  Most chemicals can be applied in our sponge wipers.  Give us a call to ask about what mix rates have worked well for other growers.  If you are using Round-up...we highly recommend you do not use any stronger rate than 33%.  In most cases 20% works well when used with a good surfactant.  You can also add a non staining blue die to help you see what weeds have been wiped.


We have also gotten good reports of using ProGreen Ag's surfactant call Sur Tec with your glyphosate mix...just one ounce with a 10 gallon weed wiper mix will greatly inhance the effectiveness and helps the chemical penetrate into the roots of the weeds.  Click Here to link to, where you can buy it online 


If the target weed is round-up resistant you can use a 2-4-D type chemical or Gramoxone.  Please consult with your field consultant or chemical rep for application rates and refer to the label of the product you are using.


Are you looking for a self propelled weed wiper?



The self propelled weed wiper above is manufactured and available through

West Texas Lee Company


Here is a video of the self propelled weed wiper






The self propelled weed wiper to the left is manufactured and available through Manchester Mfg. in Oklahoma    Please request the wiper with sponges verses canvass.  The sponges have been proven to perform better.



If you are an OEM sprayer manufacturer please contact our sales manager Rob Smucker  800-333-4503 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              800-333-4503      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

and we will design a weed wiper or foam marker for your spray booms.


 If you are from the UK or is a link to a dealer that stocks weed wipers...Click Here 


How to control flow of chemical to the sponges on a pump fed unit:

Our "Top Crop" pump fed kits use the pump from your sprayer to start and stop flow to the sponges from a holding tank (typically not more than 25 gallons).  Wipers use far less chemical than sprayers so a larger tank is not required. 


To understand the concept of weed wiping it is important to know that weed wiping is an art not a science.  What we mean by this is...every situation will have a different weed infestation level.  Some fields may only have patches of weeds and some fields may have more weeds than crops.  So there is not a "gallons per acre" recomendation or speed or PSI to run the pump at. 


Bottom need to get the maximum amount of product on the weeds without dripping on the crop/grass below.  The sponge holds far more product than a rope, canvas, or carpet.  But the applicator must watch the sponge when the pump is on to determine when it is full.  Then simple turn the pump off until you determine that the sponges are not getting enough on the weeds.  It is also important to drive around 5 miles per hour and lower the boom to gain maximum coverage without wiping the crop or grass below.



Still have more questions?


 We would love to help you determine the best model for your application or answer any weed wiper questions you have.  We can also refer you to your closest dealer.  Just ask for "Sponge Rob"