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Lawn and Garden Products
Getting rid of weeds in your lawn and garden has been our specialty since 1983.  To find out more about our unique hand held Red Weeder click here or on the photo to the left  
If you are looking for a great deal on poly ATV, Skid, Backpack, and 3 pt. hitch sprayers...please contact one of our dealers or call us.  We use quality Shurflo 12v pumps.  Our boomless options,and "add on" trailer options make your spraying jobs more convenient.
If you retail lawn and garden equipment and want very competitive wholesale prices please contact our sales manager at or 800-333-4503.

If you need to apply a selective weed control product, but don't want to spray and have "drift"... we have a great solution for you.  The "No-Drift" Weed Rollers use a carpet material that is gravity fed, and rolls either behind your mower or can be "hand push" applied.
To Choose a model that best meets your needs... either click here to view L &G catalog or call a product specialist on the weed rollers at 800-333-4503.

New UTV Skid Sprayer (The best UTV sprayer built in the USA)
 Standard Features:
   • Adjustable Swing-Away Control Arm                     3 easy steps:
   • Master Shut-off                                                      Pick a tank (50 or 100)
   • Left/Right Shut-off Valves at Booms                        Pick a pump (12v or Honda with Cent. pump)
   • Liquid-Filled Gauge                                                                                                                        
   • Pressure Regulator                                                Pick a boom (12 ft, 18 ft, or boomless)
   • Standard TeeJet Components
   • Anti-Vortex Baffles
   • Spray Gun and Hose Reel
Call for prices 800-333-4503
     Click Here for a brochure and price sheetThis sprayer can be configured with several options:
50 or 100 gallon low profile tanks
12volt or Gas Engine powered liquid pumps
Boomless or breack away booms
Please call for prices 800-333-4503