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Sponge Weed Wipers simply work better!
They have been proven to apply more product to the weeds with no drift.  Weed wiping with sponges are the most effective an economical way to control taller growing weeds. 
This page is on our website to show you all of the creative ways farmers have adapted our sponge wiper kits to their sprayer booms or built a custom weed wiper.  Please call 800-333-4503 to find out more or contact your closest dealer.
This is a 20 foot kit shown to the left.  We have kits to fit any size boom.  Click here for a complete price sheet A
When you order a kit we assume you have a boom to attach it to and a sprayer tank and pump (see price sheet for pump requirements)
The kits have "risors" that attach to your boom every 30"  (You provide U bolts) The kits include a manifold system and tubing to the sponges
Now that you know what is in the kits check out all the ways farmers have installed them.  We will continue to add photos...please email or text your photos to post on this page to or 541-606-7274.  Your ideas and creativity will help others

Sponge kit on a Spray Coupe

The Risors can be attached in many ways...U bolts, zip ties, or our metal bracket (sold seperately)
     Attach a square tubing metal bar to your Front End Loader
(Even a wooden boom shown at the left...I thought this was very works great!)
You can see how this farmer has connected everything to a plate (even a battery) and he has an indicator light to know when his pump is on.  When you are wiping you typically only turn the pump on for a few seconds...fill the sponge...and then keep it off until you see the sponge is getting dry.  Your weed infestation level depterines how often you turn it on.  Most applications use less than 10 gallons per 100 arces covered but this greatly varies.
Some growers as you can see from other photos use a blue dye...and Gramoxone is already a green color.
It is hard to tell in this photo but this customer also used a remote control key fob that we have available instead of having to run a switch and cable to the operator.

                                                    Attach to an existing pull type tool bar
                                                         Make your own fold up boom for an ATV or Tractor
                         The only weed wiper you can economically and practically add to a large self propelled sprayer boom. (if you get a sponge kit for a boom larger than 60 foot we recommend having auto boom height control) (the pic below is and Apache 90/60 with a 60 ft. sponge kit)
 Another front boom wiping rye out of wheat
       Self propelled wiper from LeeArga in Texas

Plumbing options...use the manifold in our kits...or for a quick and easy install use Teejet # QJ98588-1/4 see first photo
You can use a small ATV sprayer with a 3 GPM pump or larger for booms up to 40 feet.  If you mount it on an existing sprayer boom you just use the sprayer's tank and pump.  You can use too larger of a pump.  Always filter your chemical before attach to the sponges or 3/8" check valve on the manifolds