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The "Indescribable Video" and The "180 Movie" is at the bottom of this page (scroll down)      
Have you ever asked yourself...
 "What really happens when we die?"
"What is my purpose in life?"
These are questions we all have.
If you want to know what's most on
Below you will find two things.  A testimony about my dad's life and what was most important to him.  And at the very bottom there are five video segments.  They are really worth watching.  When you watch the videos you will see that there is no denying that God created the universe.  And then when you stop and think that this God knows us by name and wants to give us a meaningful life here... and an eternal life after we die. puts everything in perspective...suddenly our worries, our problems, and striving for money and success don't amount to much.  Knowing God and accepting His gift is definately THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

The Most Important "Weed Control" You Will Ever Need
A farmer in Western Oregon, by the name of Willard Smucker, developed a valuable tool to control weeds in his grass seed fields. Wiping weeds and broadcast spraying have helped him and many other farmers successfully clean up weeds in fields.  When these weeds are gone it allows the crops to produce a high yield.

He realized, however, that a major "weed control" problem existed that his weed wiper could not solve. The "weeds" were on a personal level. Like everyone, Willard knew he had made mistakes, and committed sins that would ultimately separate him from the God that created him.  Eventually, if he didn't take care of the "weeds" they would overtake his life, and when he came to the end of his life, he would have nothing to shown for it.  The "field" would have to be burned. 
Fortunately,  Willard made the most important "weed control" choice of his life by taking action before it was too late. He asked Jesus (the Son of his Creator) to clean up the field of his heart, to forgive him of those sins, and to help him produce a high yielding life. As Willard's son I am thankful that he took action early because in 1984, at age 43, his life on earth ended. He is now reaping the harvest of that choice for eternity in heaven.
~ Rob Smucker

Life after death is a free gift...but it is your choice 
 Every one of us wants a future and a successful life. There is only one way to achieve a "bumper crop" in life and to be assured of eternity in heaven. We must choose to ask Jesus to clean up our "weeds" (sins) and to live in us. Unfortunately, most "religious" people believe that if the good things you do outweigh the bad, you'll be let into heaven. That couldn't be any further from the truth.
The ultimate "Farmer's Almanac" (the Bible)  says that God loves you and wants to be the difference in your life. It says that everyone has sinned and fallen short of God's high standard (Romans 3:23) and that the penalty for sin is death in Hell (Romans 6:23). God's gift to us, however, is eternal life through Jesus. Jesus, who was without fault, died in our place and paid our penalty. Because of that we don't have to die for our sin, if we accept His gift.
Please don't pass up this opportunity to control the "weeds" in your life before it's too late for you. Make the choice today to accept His gift, reap the harvest, and live a life full of purpose, joy and hope.

What do I do?
Don't put off the most important decision you'll ever make... none of us know when our life will end and tomorrow will be to late.
The Bible says that:
     1) If you believe that Jesus is God's Son and
       2) that He was raised from the dead
       3) if you admit your sin
       4) accept His gift
you will be saved from the penalty of sin and have a high yield life. Pray this prayer, or one in your own words that accomplishes the above:
"Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God, that you died to pay my penalty and that you arose from the dead. I admit that I have sinned, and need you to clean up the weeds in my life. I want to accept you as my Savior and my friend. Thank you for the gift of life that you give."
Congratulations, now that you have received the gift of Salvation your life will never be the same. I must tell you though that this doesn't mean you won't have any more stress or that life will be easy. In fact, your new "walk with God" will most likely be harder.. I highly recommend you find a Bible believing church full of people, like you, who want to grow closer to God. Make no mistake though... the rewards of life with God will far outmatch any other accomplishment in your life... I guarantee it... better yet God guarantees it!  Please contact us if you need a is the ultimate truth and manual to live by.  
Below is a 44 minute video by Louis Giglio, at a youth meeting he spoke at.  I guaranty you will be intrigued by the images from space and it will give you a whole new view of God and His universe.  Watching this could quite possibly be the most important 44 minutes you ever spend in front of your PC. :)

Another great video (The 180 Movie)...this 33 minute video is well worth watching and will most definitely challenge the way you think.

One more awesome video well worth watching.  This is a very interesting video that proves that there really was a flood and makes you realize that we could be very close to end times.  Please don't put off the most important decision you will ever make!

Please email me with any questions or just to let me know if you agree that this is..."The Most Important Thing"
Rob Smucker
Also if you are a believer in the Ag industry...I recently became involved with a great group called "Ag Associates 4 Christ" Please visit the website