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Man vs. Weeds
Solution = Weed Wipers
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Since the beginning of time men have been in a battle with weeds.  Many chemicals have been developed and have unquestionably helped in this battle.  But as we have seen, over time, these weeds can naturally develop a resistance to these chemicals and make them ineffective for controlling the weeds.   Over time men have also developed tools to battle these weeds (the hoe, tillers, cultivators, mowers, weeds wipers, flame throwers, etc).  But the pesky weeds always find ways back into our fields.
I believe our greatest tool in this battle is knowledge.  Look at most all of the battles in history...the largest army or biggest weapon doesn't insure a win.  More often than not, the side that has the best strategy and knowledge comes out the victor.
Let's face it, chemical companies want you to use more chemicals.  For over 30 years Sponge Weed Wipers have provided farmers with an effective tool   that selectively puts chemical directly onto the target weeds and not your crops.  This saves you money by killing weeds with less chemical.
The purpose of this website page is to give a resource for farmers to share their testimonies of how they have used weed wipers to  defeat weeds in their fields.  As you will see below they are unscripted and taken with cell phones.  If you want to share your testimony with other farmers please email me at or call us.
If you want to watch video testimonies about the most important thing in life (Life after death) click on this link

PTL Farms in Georgia using a high clearance machine and sponge to control Resistant PigWeed with Gramoxone and Johnson grass with Round-up

Grass Seed Grower controlling taller weeds in Oregon

Custom Applicator wiping Rye out of wheat and Shattercane out of Milo in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado

Wiping Carless Weed / PigWeed out of Cotton in Texas with a Wylie sponge weed wiper

Dr Prosko's (U of GA weed specialist) report on Pigweed control showing how sponge wipers work best, and are the most cost effective.

Here is a creative hand push model used to wipe out weeds in Cranberry bogs in Washington

LeeAgra self propelled machine wiping with a sponge weed wiper.  Easily attach out sponges to any boom.

This weed wiper was built by a farmer in Canada for his UTV to control weeds in lintels