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Reliable Foam Markers

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Choose a foam marker that best meets you needs:  Click Here for Prices 


New Injection Foam Marker:


Eliminate the "conventional" foam marker tank.  This system has a small canister that holds foam concentrate and then injects the proper amount into water drawn from your fresh water tank. No more mixing foam in a tank.  You can get "days" of foam production with just one gallon of concentrate. It produces high output and long lasting foam. Available in "on-board air" and standard versions



Great option for self propelled sprayers even if you use GPS.




Our most popular Model...old reliable LM1400



14 gallon poly tank

Approx 2.5 to 4.75 hours of marking

Dimensions: 34" x 16.5" height 16"

Thomas air compressor/and Shurflo pump

Max. amperage draw = 15 amps

Includes 200 ft of tubing, 25 ft harness, switchbox and two premium foam mixing chambers






Our highest capacity and best value LM2500



25 gallon poly tank

Approx. 4.25 to 8.25 hours of marking

Dimensions: 35.75" x 17" height 20"

Thomas air comp./and Shurflo pump

Includes 200 ft. of tubing, 25 ft. harness, switchbox and two premium foam mixing chambers








If you just need one drop... choose the LM16VL-SF




16 gallon poly tank

Approx. 2.75 to 5.25 hours of marking

Dimensions: 20.25" x 14.25" height 19.5"

Thomas air comp./and Shurflo pump

Includes 100 ft of tubing, 25 ft. harness, and one premium foam mixing chamber

Great for fertilzer spreaders or spraying applications where you are not doing parallel swaths.




Least expensive foam marker for non-commercial, turf applications...the TurfMark TM0001-2



Designed for turf and golf course use

Produces a golf ball size mark

Compact 1 gallon pressurized poly tank

Approx. 1.5 to 3 hours of marking

Small air compressor.  Includes tubing for up to a 20 ft boom, wire harness with switchbox, and two mixing chambers.  Also available in a single drop version




Why choose a LANDMARK?


Accuracy = Higher Profits
Spraying, fertilizing and other agricultural tasks can be a real adventure without some way to track where you have been. Today’s high chemical costs make a foam marking system essential for accurate, economical spraying. By reviewing the figures in this graph you can see how a foam marker will pay for itself in a short period of time, just from using less chemical. Additional savings come by preventing crop damage from skips or overlaps.

Superior Foam
It has been field proven that Smucker Manufacturing’s original concept of producing foam at the end of the boom, in mixing chambers, produces longer lasting foam. Foam produced at a high pressure and pumped to the end of the boom creates large bubbles and unstable foam that breaks down faster in the field. Our systems pump air and solution to the end of the boom, out separate lines and mix at a low pressure creating smaller bubbles, thicker, dryer foam (shaving cream consistency). Even in adverse weather conditions, minimal pressure drop results in superior foam you can count on.

High Volume / Efficiency
High output is essential with today’s high speed sprayers. Our new high flow solenoids combined with moving liquid and air versus pumping foam at a high pressure, allows our markers to have 5.6 to 9.3 GPM of foam output (depending upon the style of unit you choose). Foam output is fully adjustable and custom applicators report covering up to twice the acreage per tank of solution compared to bubble tank foamers. Immediate response to left/right switching is also possible with boom-mounted chambers.

Guaranteed Top Quality
Quality components, workmanship and service combined with over 25 years of experience make it possible to offer the best warranty in the business. Every Field Mark® unit is guaranteed for two years and LandMarkTM for one full year against defects in materials and workmanship. Our foam markers are farm designed, farm tested and each unit is bench tested to insure optimum performance and your satisfaction.


Selection And Value Priced        Click Here For Prices

We believe every applicator has different needs, that’s why we offer one of the world’s largest selections of Foam Markers. The LandMark line of non-pressurized units are available with 1,6,14,16, 25, and 40 gallon poly tanks. The Field Mark line of pressurized units are available with 5,10,15, 30 and 50 gallon stainless steel tanks. All units are 12 volt powered and you have the option of an on-board truck-air version; single or dual air compressor systems. We even have units that will adapt to a tank you already own. A 14 gallon tank provides approximately 3 to 5 hours and a 30 gallon tank, 8 to 10 hours of continuous marking.

Whether you choose stainless or poly, the Field Mark and LandMark systems are priced to provide the highest value and quality for todays applicators.


Critical time is lost when field application is held up by an unreliable foam marker. Five key features of our foam markers help insure less down time in the field:

Low maintenance and in-line filters

Toll-free 24 hour technical assistance

New enclosed motors to lessen damage caused by dust

New hexagon plungers in solenoids to prevent sticking

Boom-mounted chambers create less back pressure and wear on components

Join over 40,000 applicators and farmers that rely on the LandMark foam marker. (Below are photos of just a few of the many sprayers using the LandMark foam marker)






 If you currently own a LandMark and need parts click here for diagrams and a parts finder 



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LandMark Foam Markers