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VIDEOS and TESTIMONIES of Smucker Mfg. Products:

Man vs Weeds (solution Weed Wipers) Farmers in Georgia that control Round-up Resistant weeds in Cotton, and Soybeans

Wylie Sprayers has built a 30 ft front mount and 3 point hitch model for a tractor that works extremely well for eliminating Round-up resistant Careless Weed (Pig Weed) (Palmer- Amaranth) in Texas Cotton. Click Here to visit Wylie's Website and get prices

Man vs. Weeds (solution Weed Wipers) Grass Seed Farmers in Oregon eliminating taller growing weeds and grass 

Man vs. Weeds (solution Weed Wipers) Wiping Rye out of Wheat testimony from Custom applicator in Kansas

Man vs. Weeds - Cranberry growers for years have seen the benefits of using a sponge wiper to control weeds with a hand push model


Camera systems for blind spots on your Equipment
Watch this VisionWorks Video in the field


Watch this LandMark Foam Markers and Sponge Weed Wiper Video



This is a 20 minute video of a custom weed wiper in OK wiping rye out of wheat

on a self propelled 80 ft boom


Here is a testimony from a rancher in Kansas that uses the Roy-L-Heat Calf warmer



Here is a video on the UTV sprayers that we distribute made by FS mfg. in Fargo. ND.  We also build sprayers, but when we saw this unique tank and UTV sprayer, why build something...unless it's the best.  In our opinion this is the best UTV spray on the market.  Call us for a quote, shipping, and availability 800-333-4503 (Ask for Rob)